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  • Push-Pull Fan

    Push-Pull Fan

    Push-Pull Fan features: frame: full CNC mold manufacturing, high precision, the use of Shougang National standard galvanized plate, thickene

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  • FRP Fan

    FRP Fan

    FRB FRP fan used in animal husbandry, factory workshops and other places, mainly as a negative pressure ventilation use, can effectively eli

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  • Horn fan (leaf type)

    Horn fan (leaf type)

    Horn fan (leaf type) performance characteristics: 1, reasonable horn design, low noise, high wind volume, strong pumping wind, low operating

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  • Horn fan (butterfly type)

    Horn fan (butterfly t...

    1, horn fan (butterfly type): computer simulation to optimize the horn design, increase the intake area, strong wind, smooth operation 2, fr

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  • Cattle Barn Fan

    Cattle Barn Fan

    NSC Series Barn Fan Product Features: frame: All CNC mold manufacturing, high precision, the use of Shougang National standard galvanized pl

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  • Cooling Fan

    Cooling Fan

    Cooler is no compressor, no refrigerant products, it is the use of circulating water evaporation to achieve ventilation cooling purposes. Co

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  • Circulation fan

    Circulation fan

    Winter greenhouse should not only ventilate, but also maintain the temperature of the greenhouse, open the window ventilation back to cause

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  • Fan water Curtain

    Fan water Curtain

    1, fan water curtain paper core using Jiamus polymer paper, with high absorbent, high water resistance, mildew resistance, corrosion resista

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  • Water/ground Source heat pump

    Water/ground Source h...

    Water/Ground source heat pump system is through the input of a small amount of electrical energy to achieve low-temperature bit thermal ener

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  • Air Cooling Module

    Air Cooling Module

    Screw/vortex air-cooled module unit (air Source heat pump) American Valley Wheel, Japan Mitsubishi Big Gold Compressor. The use of computer

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  • Optical Oxygen Purification Machine

    Optical Oxygen Purifi...

    Optical Oxygen purifier is a kind of dust removal equipment which deals with large air volume, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operat

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  • Fan Coil

    Fan Coil

    Fan coil should be in accordance with the specific conditions of the use of the room and decoration requirements to choose Open or dark inst

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