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Application and operation of water curtain cabinets

Water curtain cabinet is mainly used for the treatment of product coating workshop exhaust gas (paint fog). It mainly circulates water from the suction pump to the water curtain and flows evenly downwards. The exhaust gas (paint mist) from the spray gun was hit by water on the water curtain board into the pool below. A small portion of the exhaust gas (paint mist) is discharged from the workshop by the upper fan through the exhaust pipe.

Mainly under the current environmental protection policy, the exhaust gas sprayed out needs to go through the water curtain cabinet treatment, remove the exhaust gas is not easy to deal with the part (mainly paint fog), the remaining part of the gas (including a small amount of paint fog and Vocs), and then into the filter device bar paint fog filter out, and then Vocs into the processing process (photolysis, activated carbon adsorption, RTO or RCO, etc.) for exhaust gas treatment, after the standard emissions.

Using water curtain cabinet, the market from 2k / meter (without extension) to 1.5w / meter price, is it really a water curtain machine put can achieve the effect, to achieve the role of adsorption paint fog?

First look at the current market water curtain cabinet main types: there are pumps, no pumps and other types!

About the test effect, we made a comparison, using China's mainstream pump water curtain cabinet and imported pump-free water curtain cabinet for comparison (here does not write brand).