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Maintenance and maintenance methods of gas-fired hot water boilers

I. Pressure maintenance of gas-fired hot water boilers (for boilers that produce backup boilers or that are not stopped for a short period of time for less than one week)

1) After stopping the furnace, the furnace water is discharged, the furnace is fouled, slag cleaned, and then add qualified softening water.

2) Regular small fire heating, or regular use of adjacent boilers steam heating furnace water, so that the summer furnace water temperature to maintain at an ambient temperature of 10C, winter should make the furnace water do not freeze, close ventilation valves, drainage valves and drainage valves, to prevent leakage.

3) The boiler provides regular water supply, so that the pressure in the boiler is maintained at 0.05MPa to 0.1Mpa, to prevent air from entering the package.

Second, wet maintenance (wet maintenance is generally applicable to the maintenance of gas-fired hot water boilers with a shutdown time of not more than one month)

1) After the gas-fired hot water boiler stops the furnace, discharge the furnace water according to the prescribed time, remove the fouling, slag and ash.

2) Close the manholes, hand holes, valves, etc. isolated from the operating boiler.

3) Use qualified softened water to prepare alkaline protective liquid, per ton of furnace water plus NaOH 8kg to 10kg, NaC0320kg or Na2p03 20kg.

4) Use the pump to inject the prepared alkaline repair fluid into the boiler.

5) When the protective liquid is fully injected, open the water feed valve so that the qualified softening water fills the boiler until the water overflows from the air valve. Then close the air valve and feed valve, open the pump circulation, so that the solution mixes evenly.

6) During the whole maintenance period, the external drying of the surface of the gas-fired hot water boiler should be regularly maintained with a miniature fire oven, the pump circulation should be opened regularly, so that the concentration of the solution is the same, and the solution test and rehydration fluid should be carried out regularly to ensure the pH of the solution. between 10 and 12 to maintain the alkalinity of the furnace water.

7) Winter should take appropriate anti-freeze measures.

Third, dry maintenance (dry maintenance for long-term shutdown of gas-fired hot water boilers, usually more than one month, especially in summer)

1) After stopping the furnace, drain the water to remove the heating surface fouling, slag, ash.

2) Close the valves on the boiler supply pipe, water supply pipe, sewage pipe, or isolate it from other running boilers with a partition.

3) Open the manhole and hand hole so that the boiler is naturally dry. When the boiler is wet, the furnace body, furnace wall, flue, etc. are dried with open fire.

4) Choose the right amount of desiccant. Common lysers are available with calcium water chloride (CaCl2) and raw lime (CaO2). CaCl2 is rationed at 2 kg per cubic meter of water, with a selection of particles of about 15 mm, and raw lime is rationed at 3 kg per cubic meter of water, and 10 mm to 30 mm blocking is required.

5) After drying the gas-fired hot water boiler, place the tray containing the desiccant in the furnace and the pot to absorb moisture, requiring that the desiccant should not come into direct contact with the hot surface of the boiler.

6) The desiccant should be checked regularly every week for a month to check if the affected surface is corroded. Change the desiccant in time and check every half month after one month.