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Decryption of steps to replace breeding fan

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The important part of the breeding fan is the motor. If the fan is used for a long time, the motor will be aged or damaged. If you want to restore the normal use of the fan, you need to replace the fan motor. If it is, please replace the fan manufacturer personnel, the maintenance cost is high. The following small section summarizes the steps to replace the fan, and then replace the motor yourself, which is both cost-effective and efficient. come together.

  1: Disconnect the power distribution of breeding fans. Before replacing the fan motor, you need to disconnect the power supply of the fan motor, test the circuit and control switch with an electric pen, hang the machine maintenance power outage sign, and arrange for someone to be on duty to reduce the accidental power transmission by others when replacing the motor and prevent circuit safety accidents.

  2: Open the fan's protective net, loosen the fixing screws of the fan's protective net from the room with a screwdriver, remove the protective net, and loosen the belt on the motor pulley.

  3: Loosen the fixing screws of the motor, use a wrench to loosen the screws on the fan fixing motor and the bottom plate counterclockwise, and remove the motor from the fan bottom plate.

  4: Replace the new motor according to the original position of the old motor. Before replacing the new motor, carefully compare the size of the new motor and the removed motor, whether the holes of the mounting screws are the same, to prevent different batches of motors, the screw holes of the motor, shaft diameter, shaft length, pulley size, etc. The old motor is different.

  5: Fix the new motor, tighten the fixing screws on the motor and the fan bottom plate, put the belt into the pulley on the motor, adjust the tightness of the belt, and tighten the screws with a wrench, in principle the motor It won't loose and slip on the fixed base of the fan.

  6: Clean the tools, screws and other materials in the fan to prevent the remaining materials in the fan body from damaging the fan. Remove the protective net that was removed before, and install the protective net back to the fan in its original position.

  7: To conduct a power distribution trial operation of the fan, please have an electrician perform power distribution on the fan circuit. At the same time, check the fan circuit with a multimeter and an electric pen. The voltage is normal, the current is normal, the circuit is safe, and the circuit standard is beautiful. Operate the fan. If the fan is working properly, replace the breeding fan motor.