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Relevant introduction of water curtain cabinet

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The pumpless water curtain cabinet is a relatively good paint spraying purification equipment, which uses air to draw water to form a circulating water curtain. After the air with paint mist collides with the water curtain, it enters the air-water channel through the water curtain and produces strong mixing with the water in the channel. When it enters the gas collecting pipe, the flow rate suddenly drops, and the gas and water separate. The air passes through the separating plate and is discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust fan; the separated water collects in the collecting pipe and flows into the overflow tank. A water curtain is formed above and flows back to the water tank. Add different flocculants to the circulating water to change the adhesion conditions of the paint mist, so that the paint mist forms scum, which is easy to clean.

The pumpless water curtain cabinet forms a water curtain under the action of wind force and does not require a pump to lift water. The failure caused by the blockage and damage of the water pump and the pipeline is avoided, and the cleaning effect of the paint mist solid particles is greatly increased. The paint mist treatment method is scientific and effective, and is a relatively good paint mist treatment equipment.


It is suitable for paint mist purification in spray booths of various industries.

Product Features

Wide application range and high purification efficiency;

Easy to maintain and use for a long time;

Great suction and strong effect;

Use and maintenance of products

Before using the environmentally friendly water curtain cabinet (paint booth), please apply butter on the fan blades, which will help the long-term cleaning of the fan paint.

When starting the machine, it is necessary to realize the forward rotation of the fan in order to discharge the exhaust gas in the environmental water curtain cabinet (painting room) out of the workshop. If reversed, change the position of the three live conductors on the motor.

The paint on the fan blades should be treated regularly during use. During the treatment process, be careful not to change the shape of the blade, which will make the blade rotate unevenly and reduce the service life of the steam turbine. The water in the drain pipe should not be too large, as this will easily block the pump. The pump cannot be dried. If you find that you cannot pump water, please cut off the power in time.