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Introduction of components of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler

When users choose a gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler, they will first understand the technical parameters, product price, product quality and product composition of the product. Many people do not understand what equipment the hot water boiler is composed of. Today we will analyze the hot water boiler. Pose.

  1, boiler host

The boiler main body is the boiler body, that is, the "boiler", is a water container, is a device that transfers heat energy to the water in the boiler body through the combustion of fuel, so that the water generates a certain temperature or generates steam. This is an important part of the boiler.

  2, burner

Gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers are equipped with gas-fired coal-fired burners, which are mainly gas-burning equipment, that is, "stoves", which are used to burn fuel. It connects the natural gas to the burner, through which the natural gas and the air are better mixed, and then ignites and sprays the torch into the furnace of the main engine of the boiler.

  3, computer control cabinet

The computer control cabinet is the operating system of the boiler, that is, the control system, which can start, shut down, and set the water temperature of the boiler, that is, operate the boiler. The LCD screen on the computer control cabinet is equipped with virtual buttons and an electronic manual. , The operation is relatively simple.

  4, water treatment

As the name implies, water treatment is equipment that treats water. Because the boiler is in contact with water all the year round, it will inevitably cause the boiler to produce scale. The generation of boiler scale will not only reduce the boiler's thermal efficiency, reduce the heating area, and in serious cases, boiler failure will occur. Therefore, the equipment for water treatment is to filter and clean the water once, reduce the impurities in the water, and make the water source meet the water quality requirements of the boiler.

  5, water tank

The water heat generated by the gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler will be transported through the pipeline, and the transportation pipeline in the boiler body is usually 1 ports. At this time, we need to separate the water in the water tank to achieve more than Item currently used.

  6, valve instrument

Valve instruments include globe valves, flanges, water level gauges, temperature displays and other equipment. The valve serves as a connection between the boiler and auxiliary equipment, and the instrument serves as a device to display boiler data.