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How does the bag filter determine the filtering area

How to calculate the number of cloth bags of dust collector? To calculate the number of bags, first calculate the filter area of ​​the bag filter, and then calculate the number of bags of the bag filter based on the filter area divided by the filter area of ​​a single bag.

1. Handling air volume

The treated air volume refers to the volume of air processed by the dust collector in one hour, and the unit is cubic meters per hour (m 3 / h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm 3 / h).

1. The wind speed of the control point of the ventilation section of the air collection hood can be used to find the amount of ventilation required by the air suction hood (specifically according to the calculation formula of different air suction hoods).

2. The kiln type has air volume as a reference, which can be provided by the design unit or the user unit.

When designing or selecting a bag-type dust collector according to the air volume, it is generally not possible to operate the dust collector in excess of the prescribed air volume. Otherwise, the filter bag is easy to wear and block, the life is shortened, the pressure loss is greatly increased, and the dust removal efficiency is also reduced; The air volume cannot be too large, otherwise it will increase equipment investment and floor space. Reasonable choice of treatment air volume is often determined based on process conditions and experience.

Second, the filter wind speed

There are two kinds of filtering air speed: gross filtering air speed and net filtering air speed. Filtration wind speed refers to the speed of wind passing through the surface of the bag, the unit is m / min, which is the running speed within one minute.

The gross filtration air speed is not a relatively important indicator, but the more important is the net filtration air speed. The net filtration air speed refers to the filter air speed of the cloth bag under the better filter area of ​​the bag dust collector during the cleaning operation.

For operating conditions with emission requirements of 50 mg / Nm {{{1}}, the net filtration wind speed is generally selected as 1 m / min. Need to be lower, such as 0. 5 m / min.

3. Emission standards

Discharge up to the standard is the purpose of inputting the bag filter, including 100 mg / Nmg, 50 mg / Nm 3, 3 0mg / Nm 3, {{ 5}} mg / Nm 3 etc.

4. Area determination

After determining the air volume and the filtering air speed, it is relatively easy to find the filtering area. The formula is A=Q / (60 * s)

A is the net filtration area;

Q is the total treatment air volume;

S is the net filtering wind speed;

For example, a 18000 treated air volume dust collector requires a compliance emission of 50 mg, A=18000 / 60=300 square. In addition, when designing the bag dust collector, the area also needs to add the area when cleaning, if you have 60 square area when you are offline, the area needs to be added when closing the cleaning.