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Bag dust collector manufacturers talk about how to calculate the air leakage rate

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The air leakage rate of the bag dust collector is a key indicator for enterprises with strict requirements for ash removal efficiency value. The following is a detailed introduction to the calculation methods of the air leakage rate of several types of dust collectors, and I hope to assist you.

  1, total flow method

The total flow method is to use the thermal resistance, pitot tube, and micro-pressure gauge to additionally measure the dust temperature, dynamic pressure, and negative pressure of the inlet and outlet of the electrostatic precipitator. Formula calculation:

  2, oxygen balance method

The oxygen balance method is to use an oxygen analyzer to measure the oxygen content in the soot of the cross section of the bag filter's inlet and outlet.

The whole process of ignition is a violent redox reaction, requiring a lot of combustion gas. The specific exhaust air volume should exceed the basic theoretical exhaust air volume. When the dust enters the dust collector, the whole process of ignition has been completed, and the redox reaction has not started. If there is no other reason, according to the dust behind the dust collector, the oxygen content is not easy to change. In fact, because of the ventilation of the machinery and equipment, the outside air penetrates into the dust in the dust collector, resulting in a significant increase in the oxygen content of the smoke at the entrance and exit. The oxygen content in general soot is about 4% ~ 6% (volume ratio), and the oxygen content in air is about {{{{{4}}}}. {{1 }}%, They are {{4}}. 4 ~ 4 times apart. Therefore, if the oxygen content in the smoke at the entrance and exit of the bag filter can be measured, the air leakage rate of the machine equipment can be calculated.

The air leakage rate measured by the oxygen balance method can be calculated according to the above formula:

  3, comparative analysis

For dust collectors operating under high air pressure conditions, such as electrostatic precipitators in the industry, the following methods can be selected for inspection. A part of its pressure measurement is a U-shaped pipe connected with butadiene plastic hose of φ 10 ~ 15 mm, one end is connected with the outer wall of the dust collector itself, and the other end is communicated with the air. Before the installation of the bag dust collector itself and the insulation layer are set, the manhole door, the ash delivery valve, and the inlet and outlet electric air valve are closed, and then the blower motor is started to charge the dust collector, and the working pressure in the dust collector increases From 2 to 4 kPa, you can wipe the soapy liquid on the welding to conduct a better inspection. Mark the areas where bubbles are found and carry out welding repairs. The ash delivery valve and its joint surface connected with screws by itself are ventilated, then adjust the sealing shaft sleeve and tighten the anchor bolts. In the past, smoke can also be used to replace the soap liquid in this method, that is, put thick smoke on the dust collector and observe the smoke point.