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How to use the waste heat of breeding hot air stove

Waste heat is an energy source that has not been used in energy-utilizing equipment under relatively economic and technical conditions. According to the survey, the total waste heat resources in various industries account for 17% to 67% of the total fuel consumption, and the recoverable waste heat resources account for about 60% of the total waste heat resources. So how do we use waste heat? What method is used to achieve it?

  1. Install a heat exchanger in the flue of the hot blast stove to preheat combustion air and blast furnace gas, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing combustion temperature and thermal efficiency. 200 ~ 300 ℃ flue gas can make the preheating temperature of combustion air reach above 150 ℃, and the preheating temperature of blast furnace gas reaches above 100 ℃.

  2. Oxygen-rich combustion is also one of the effective measures to increase the combustion temperature. Taking blast furnace gas with a calorific value of 3767 kJ / m 3 as an example, if the oxygen content in the air is increased from 21% to 3 0%, the theory The combustion temperature can reach about 1900 ℃, which is equivalent to the effect of double preheating of air and gas to 950 ℃. In qualified enterprises, oxy-fuel combustion is technically and economically better than installing heat exchangers.

With the development of China's economy and the increase in environmental protection requirements, more and more fuel oil gas boilers are put into use. China's new energy conservation policies and standards have put forward new requirements for energy conservation. Use the waste heat of flue gas to supply pulverized coal for drying for drying gas and sensible atmosphere; use blast furnace gas, converter gas and other power generation, and use slag slag waste hot water for heating; use high pressure gas and waste heat to generate electricity. In addition, manufacturers of aquaculture hot blast stoves pointed out that industrial waste heat recovery boilers were used to generate steam for heating and hot water supply.