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Why it is recommended that you buy a pig house heating boiler

In the hot water heating system, if a multi-way mixing valve is provided between the pig house heating boiler and the circulating water pump, and a temperature sensor is provided between the outlet of the circulating water pump and the hot water pipe, the system can realize automatic computer control. After being pressurized by the water pump, the hot water is sent to the radiator arranged in the greenhouse to heat the greenhouse.

After the hot water circulates in the radiator, the water temperature decreases, and the cooled cold water is concentrated by the return pipes. The radiator of this heating system generally uses a hot-dip galvanized steel tube round-wing radiator for greenhouses, which has a large heat dissipation area. Long service life.

The layout of the radiator has a great influence on the uniformity of the temperature in the greenhouse. The design must be carefully considered in conjunction with the air flow in the greenhouse. Suitable for modern large and medium-sized greenhouses.

The burning system of the piggery heating boiler adopts the reverse burning structure, which expands the burning area by nearly two times. The heating area is large, the combustion efficiency is high, and the heating rate is twice that of the hot air stove on weekdays. A forced combustion scheme with induced air is adopted to make the coal burn clean and leave no residue. For more details about breeding boilers, please contact Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

The control of temperature and humidity is the key factor. The pig house heating boiler can effectively use water as a medium for heating, thereby effectively reducing drying and increasing humidity control. At the same time, when the water is heated, it can effectively control ammonia gas. produce. In the current aquaculture industry, equipment has become more automated and user-friendly. The aquaculture boiler is born in response to this trend. It uses the advantages of water for heating, and at the same time, the flue is reheated to save fuel resources Save you fuel expenses