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Let's take a look at the heating of the pig house

The pig house heating boiler is a complete breeding temperature control system composed of "host", "water temperature radiator", "microcomputer automatic control box" and "induced fan". Lusheng breeding temperature control boiler products have a good heating effect, whether it is in hot summer or cold winter can maintain the temperature you want. Winter coal heating has the characteristics of energy saving, cleanness and convenience. Groundwater can be pumped down in summer to cool down, and has the same function as water air conditioning. Allows you to bid farewell to the endless manual heating method

The pig house heating boiler heats up quickly, with high thermal efficiency and low smoke exhaust. During the normal operation of the boiler, after the temperature is set, the combustion of the boiler can be actively controlled through the microcomputer system, without the need of special personnel to watch. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the furnace will be sealed automatically. If the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the furnace will burn by itself. The room temperature remains relatively stable. Due to the use of water as the medium, when the room temperature reaches the standard, the furnace heat continues to be absorbed and stored to achieve the purpose of saving energy. Reduce coal consumption and labor intensity.

The pig house heating boiler has an automatic temperature control mode. The automatic control part of the boiler has the accused temperature difference of less than or equal to 1 degrees. It can effectively control the burning and heating of the host. It can also save energy while meeting the temperature requirements. The temperature can be set as needed to achieve the purpose of automatic constant temperature control. The structure of the furnace body of the product has changed, and the emission has been reduced compared with the previous month. The furnace body is made of excellent steel materials, excellent paint, and the boiler is stronger. It combines the advantages of fast air-heating and long water-heating insulation time, and provides farmers with satisfactory temperature conditions at low economic operating costs.