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Test method for paint fog treatment of water curtain cabinet

Test method for paint fog treatment of water curtain cabinet:

  1. Before the test, seal the 2 bag with a breathable cloth bag at the outlet of the fan and the point where the fan is inspected;

  2. Spray 1 KG bright red paint on the edge of the sink {{1}} m away from the front of the cabinet

  3. After spraying, the oil residue in the water tank is salvaged, drip naturally for 5 min, add the same defoamer, and drip naturally for 5 min to collect and weigh

  4. Remove the 2 bag from the fan and weigh it separately

  5. Put the removed bag and salvaged oil residue into the drying room, dry the bag and weigh it, and weigh the oil residue.

Actually, the pumpless water curtain cabinet wins, worthy of the price of imports. There is no need to add AB agent without pump cabinet. What are the advantages of high paint mist absorption rate? The life of the following filter material has been greatly improved, and there will be no irreversible consequences due to the failure to process the paint mist when processing Vocs. (For example, when the activated carbon encounters untreated paint mist during the adsorption process, which leads to total scrapping) Of course, can this effect be achieved without a pump cabinet? No, it is mainly related to the angle of internal components, the power of the fan, and the stability of long-term work. This involves the level of aerodynamics, and I will not discuss them one by one here. Water curtain cabinet, it is not just to buy one at random!