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Piggery heating boiler creates an excellent environment for pig farms

Insulation building materials can only prevent excessive heat loss and help save more energy required for heat production. In order to ensure that the pig house can have a comfortable temperature in the cold season, the design of the pig house heating boiler is very important. In order to achieve the development requirements of "resource saving and environmental friendliness", heating equipment with clean energy as fuel will be more common in modern pig farms. Natural gas, liquefied gas, and biogas replace coal, with higher thermal efficiency and lower pollution, which guarantees a warm and clean growth environment in the pig house. The main heating equipment of the pig farm should be a heater with high heat production and a wide heating range. For example, a large European heater using liquefied gas or natural gas as fuel can provide a heating area of ​​500 square meters. A large European heater using biogas as fuel can also achieve 300 square meters of heating.

In addition, the boiler outlet temperature can reach 120 degrees, and the heated air is directly sent to the pig house. In order to control the temperature within a range that is more comfortable for the herd (not too low or too high), the thermostat automatic start and stop device can automatically stop working when the temperature of the pig house reaches the set value, and the temperature in the house is lower It will automatically start working when it is on duty, effectively reducing the various discomforts caused by the temperature difference in the pig herd. For pigs such as piglets that require higher temperatures, small heating equipment such as a small sun (sun umbrella) can be added to achieve local and individual heating.

Only a pig farm with good insulation materials and a green, safe, high-efficiency, and automated pig house heating boiler can better control the temperature in the pig house and create a comfortable growth environment for the pig herd.

The optimization of ventilation efficiency of piggery is not only related to air quality control, but also closely related to winter temperature control. Unscientifically designed piggeries often cannot resolve the contradiction between temperature and air quality. In some pig farms, the doors and windows are completely closed for heat preservation in winter, resulting in dirty air quality. When the ventilation is strengthened, the air temperature drops quickly. The key measure to solve this contradiction lies in improving the ventilation efficiency, that is, using less ventilation to discharge more harmful gases. Ensure that the temperature in the house is not reduced too much while ventilating.

The temperature control of the pig house seems simple, but it is not easy. Scientific temperature control measures for pig heating boilers can greatly improve the health level and economic benefits of pigs, and can reduce energy consumption in daily operations. This is of great significance to the development of "resource-saving and environment-friendly" two-type pig breeding in China.