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Do you understand the temperature control of heating boilers in pig houses

Pig room heating boilerUsing computer control to save energy. The new special boiler is composed of four parts: main engine, radiator, microcomputer automatic control box and fan. Breeding heating boilers are mainly used for heating and heat preservation of closed livestock houses and flower breeding enterprises such as chicken houses, pig houses, rabbit houses, animal houses, etc. It is a novel breeding heating equipment. It is a pure water heating, non-drying, dual-purpose machine. The breeding heating equipment has the dual functions of heating in winter and cooling in summer. The furnace temperature, furnace temperature and room temperature can be automatically controlled to achieve the coordination of constant temperature heating. Do you know the temperature control facilities of the boiler?

Pig-house heating boiler coal-fired gas fuel oil three-purpose boiler is based on diesel, natural gas, city gas fuel, the balance of burner flame volume and heat exchange surface area so that the flue gas at the outlet of the exhaust pipe reaches the ideal temperature, and the extra thick insulation layer The heat dissipation of the boiler reaches the ideal limit.

The fuel is heat-insulated in the combustion chamber, which can make the combustion easy to ignite and burn better, and improve the thermal efficiency of the crossing.

When burning coal, you can remove the burner and just ignite the coal. When burning gas or diesel, you can change the burner. It is very convenient and fast. The user can make any choice.

Fully automatic controller of piggery heating boiler, full Chinese LCD screen, man-machine interface, as long as the user sets, the boiler can start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply and other fully automatic operations according to user requirements. The boiler has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safety and reliability, and self-diagnosis function.

Comprehensive advantages of the old products, whether in internal design or in appearance, have been greatly adjusted to make the new product energy-saving, efficient, and effective, and is an excellent choice for farmers.