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The main characteristics of the chicken house heating boiler (on)

The broiler breeder has just built several new houses. They want to build a standardized chicken shed. They are considering warming the chicken. What are the chicken heating boilers? Is it plumbing or electric heating? What are the characteristics of each?

The chicken house full-automatic coal-fired hot blast stove is the heating equipment of the current breeding industry, with full-mode automatic temperature control, "cooling and heating" dual mode, one-key operation, which can greatly reduce labor. The main unit of the equipment adopts a double water jacket reverse combustion structure, which greatly increases the heating area and makes the temperature rise faster and more natural. It can be operated lazily with the remote control by adding coal 2-4 times a day.

Main features of chicken house heating boiler:

  1. Long service life (made of excellent cast iron with low sulfur and low phosphorus)

Low sulfur and low phosphorus excellent cast iron has strong thermal shock resistance, thermal fatigue strength and thermal conductivity, much higher than steel boilers, with strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance; using low sulfur and low phosphorus raw materials, comprehensive mechanical properties Good, the modulus of elasticity is large, the toughness is strong, and the service life of the product can reach 50 years.

  2. Good thermal conductivity (three-way full-wet back design of flue gas-water counter-current system for large heating furnace radiation heating surface)

(1) Large heating furnace radiation heating surface

The radiation heating surface of the large heating furnace increases the heating area, and the heat transfer method with higher efficiency is used to strengthen the heat transfer effect.

(2) Smoke water countercurrent system

The counter-flow design of flue gas and water channel improves the heat exchange effect.

(3) Three-way full wet back design

The novel structure design greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the chicken house heating boiler and reduces the emission of harmful substances. The overall water wall design prevents local overheating, eliminates dry burning and cracking, and reduces potential safety hazards.