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Brief introduction of advantages of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler

  1. Gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers do not require coal ash storage sites, saving land.

  2. Saving boiler auxiliary production water. The normal production water consumption of coal-fired boilers and gas-fired steam boilers is equal, but gas-fired steam boilers save the auxiliary water used by coal-fired boilers to remove dust and slag.

  3. Reduce staff. There are fewer auxiliary equipments than coal-fired boilers, fewer staff, and much less burden on wages and welfare expenses.

  4. Save electricity cost for boiler production. The fuel delivery and other auxiliary equipment are few, the power is small, and the continuous running time is short, so the power consumption is low and the cost is relatively low.

  5. Reduce labor intensity. Gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers require intensive physical labor in the process of coal transportation and slag removal, while gas steam boiler workers have less labor intensity.

  6. The boiler room has flexible layout, less floor space and low noise.

  7. Improve the environment. Coal-fired boilers generate a lot of smoke and dust during operation, which causes great pollution to the environment, while natural gas is a clean energy source, which greatly improves the environment.

Therefore, gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers have more advantages than traditional coal-fired boilers. The use of gas-fired steam boilers is safe and convenient. It can also improve air quality and give you a fresh living space.

The boiler can be equipped with an economizer (or thermostat, in fact, the equipment is the same, the name is different), increase the feed water temperature, and reduce the exhaust temperature.

Gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers can be equipped with thermostats to increase the return water temperature and reduce the exhaust temperature. Install a connecting pipe for inlet and outlet water, and install a solenoid valve on the pipe, so that when the return water temperature is high, it can be directly connected to the boiler outlet water, and no longer walk the boiler. Generally, a pipeline is installed between the circulating water pump and the inlet and outlet water pipes A solenoid valve is installed in the middle, and when the temperature is set to a certain value, the solenoid valve is opened so that the boiler inlet part directly flows into the boiler outlet pipe, so that the boiler can be burned with a small fire, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving.