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Description of the main use methods of breeding heating equipment

Description of the main use methods of breeding heating equipment

Breeding heating boiler is a widely used heating equipment, and its high performance has been generally recognized by the majority of users. So how much do you know about the specific use method of breeding heating boiler? under

  1. Lay the heater on a clean and dry floor. It is better to lay a layer of paper shell on the lower layer to strengthen insulation and prevent heat loss.

  2. Place the temperature probe between the heater and the protective layer. Never put it in the bran to avoid damage.

  3. Lay the protective layer on the surface of the heater and a layer of rice husk. The thickness is generally 3-5 cm.

  4, plug in the power, turn on the thermostat switch, adjust the temperature, the heater starts to work. When the set temperature is reached, the heater automatically stops working, and below the set temperature, the heater automatically starts working. The breeding boiler produced by our company can make your brood raising rate up to 99. Our company has been engaged in breeding heating boilers for many years.