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Small coup to improve the service life of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler

Improving the service life of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers is the wish of everyone who buys hot water boilers. So how do you increase the service life of boilers? Below we will introduce in detail the tips for increasing the life of hot water boilers. Help everyone.

When the gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler is out of service for a long time, special attention should be paid to the anti-corrosion and maintenance problems outside the furnace body. After the boiler is stopped and cooled, the ash deposits on the heated surface and the ash residues on the upper part of the grate and under the furnace body must be removed. Then keep the flue naturally ventilated. In general, desiccant should be placed in the furnace and flue in order to prevent moisture. If quicklime is used as the desiccant, about 3 kg should be placed in each cubic meter of furnace or flue. After placement, the ventilation door should be closed tightly. Replace the quicklime after it becomes powdered. If the boiler room is in a low-lying position and the ground flooding during furnace shutdown is serious, a combination of conventional low-fire baking and desiccant placement should be used. If the boiler is shut down for a long time, apply red oil or other anti-corrosion paint to the metal outer surface of the furnace body to remove the clean smoke.

The length of the furnace shutdown time depends on the shutdown time. Under normal circumstances, wet maintenance can be carried out no more than one month after furnace shutdown, and dry maintenance should be adopted for more than one month.

When using wet maintenance, condensed water should be used as much as possible, followed by the original boiler water, and then softened water; after adding alkali, the boiler water is heated to 80-1 00 ℃ with a slight fire and the pressure rises to {{ 1}} After the gauge pressure, protect for {{{1}} hours to make the circulation reach the balance of the boiler water alkalinity. When the pressure is reduced, the boiler water is filled again, producing 1. { {4}} Gauge pressure, maintain this pressure throughout the maintenance period. The alkalinity should be checked regularly and supplemented in time when the pressure decreases. Winter wet maintenance should pay attention to anti-freezing, and the key is on drainage and power savers.

Before the gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler is reused, the alkali water in the boiler should be drained and the liquid storage tank should be prepared for reuse as much as possible. Rinse with water at the same time.