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The importance of time and temperature control of breeding fans for broiler breeding

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The use of breeding fans is one of the important factors in the broiler breeding process. It is important to understand and master the timing and temperature control of fans for the entire breeding process.

  1. Time-controlled application

★ Time control is used when the chicken needs an external heat source;

★ Ensure the air quality in the house;

★ Can be set artificially, the main purpose is to mix the outside cold air and the hot air in the house evenly.

  2. Temperature control application

★ No external heat source is needed for the chicken coop;

★ Exhaust excess heat in the house;

★ It is greatly affected by the age of the flock and outside weather. When the heat generation of the flock is greater than the heat dissipation, the outside temperature is high, and the temperature control operation time is long, otherwise, it is short.

  3. Understand the time and temperature control of breeding fans

We can better grasp the reasonable combination of time control and temperature control in winter, spring and autumn and winter:

★ When the chickens are young, the outside temperature is low, and the chickens need an external heat source, as long as the air quality in the house is guaranteed, the time can be controlled. Depending on the structure of the chicken coop, the 5 point system, the 4 point system or the 3 point system can be used. The upper limit of the fan opening ratio is 60%. When using time control, it has been cyclical, which requires our managers to find a node to ensure low ventilation, and then increase the appropriate number of seconds;

★ When the current control is increased to 60%, the age of the chicken reaches {{{1}} weeks, and there is no need to add the number of fans. At this time, temperature control can be used. At the beginning of temperature control, it is set to be higher than the target temperature 1. 5-2 degrees, it gradually decreases as the age of the chicken increases, and it can be reduced to 0. {{4} after weeks 5 } Below degree.

★ The four seasons change, but one basic principle remains the same: small day-old chickens should use time control as much as possible. When reaching the temperature control node, the temperature control should be adopted. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the effect of the change in humidity in the house and the wind speed of the breeding fan on the body temperature of the chicken.