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Little knowledge about the use of water curtain cabinet

  1. Features

Water curtain cabinetThe characteristic is that when spraying, it can directly hit the residual paint powder in the pool or the surface of the water curtain. The odor and a small amount of unabsorbed paint powder can be filtered through the multi-layer water curtain and discharged out of the SP. The exhaust fan ventilates the spray booth to purify the spraying working environment and protect human health, as well as to spray the workpiece. Surface strengthening treatment.

  2. Advantages

It is a new type of environmental protection equipment that is easy to operate, stable to use, safe and reliable, and worthy of promotion.

  3. Usage and performance

Mainly used for the treatment of exhaust gas (paint mist) in the product spraying workshop, giving you a good working environment. Efficiency environmental protection water curtain cabinet (painting station) mainly uses water to filter the exhaust gas (paint mist) of the painting workshop, which is convenient for energy saving. Discharge the exhaust gas (paint) into the drain pipe through the water, and change the water regularly.

  4. Working principle

The environmentally friendly water curtain cabinet (spray table) is mainly sucked to the water curtain board by the suction pump, and the exhaust gas (paint mist) discharged from the water sprayer is driven into the lower pool by the water on the water curtain. A small part of the exhaust gas (paint mist) is exhausted from the outside of the workshop by the upper fan through the exhaust pipe. Make the workshop free of exhaust gas (paint mist) to give you a good working environment.

  5. Use and maintenance

Before using an environmentally friendly water curtain cabinet (paint booth), please apply some butter to the fan blades, which helps to clean the paint on the fan for a long time.

When starting, it is necessary to ensure that the fan is rotating forward, so that the environmental protection water curtain cabinet (painting table) discharges the exhaust gas of the workshop. If it is the opposite, you can change the position of the three wires on the motor.

The fan is used for a period of time, and the paint on the blade is regularly processed. During the process, be careful not to replace the blades, which will cause the blades to rotate unevenly and reduce the life of the fan. The discharged water should not rise too high, it is easy to block the pump. The pump cannot be pumped dry. If you find that you cannot pump water, please cut off the power in time.