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Common types of chicken house heating equipment

Friends who raise chickens know that the key to raising chickens in winter is the balance between heat preservation and ventilation. However, for local chicken breeding, the scale is generally small, the hardware conditions are poor, and the chicken house is not well sealed, so the key is to adoptChicken house heating equipmentKeep warm. Most of the causes of chicken death are directly related to poor thermal insulation.

The heating of the chicken house in winter can effectively reduce the increase in mortality due to low temperature. Now our common chicken house heating equipment mainly has the following types:

一 0010010 nbsp; Coal burning furnace heating

It is a common heating method to heat chicken coops by using a coal-fired stove. The temperature is relatively stable, but coal needs to be added several times at night. Winter nights are relatively cold, and it is very hard work to go to the chicken coop to add coal. Sometimes it is too tiring at night. Falling asleep can cause the temperature of the chicken coop to drop, the chickens catch a cold, and even get together and die.

One more thing to pay attention to when heating the coal stove is the problem of gas poisoning. If the flue is not tightly sealed, it is prone to gas poisoning of the flocks, especially the chickens who have just arrived in the chicken house. Poisoning of chicken chicks caused by incomplete inspection equipment and gas leakage will occur.

The advantage of the coal-fired furnace is that the temperature is relatively stable, not affected by electricity, and will not be in a hurry due to power outages.

二 0010010 nbsp; Heat preservation lamp

If the weather is not too cold, it is also possible to use a heat preservation lamp. It is more convenient. You can increase or decrease the heat preservation lamp according to the situation of the chicken coop. But if the temperature is too low, the thermal insulation effect is not good, the local temperature is high, the surrounding temperature is low, and the temperature is not balanced.

At the same time, the use of heat preservation lamps for heating requires electricity and is easily affected by external factors. For example, a power outage caused by bad weather can easily cause a sudden temperature drop in the house.

Moreover, in the process of local chicken breeding, no one pays attention to the problem of aging lines. If it is used for a long time, it may easily cause a short circuit or fire.

Three 0010010 nbsp; flue heating

Such heating methods generally have operating rooms. The heating is performed in the operation room outside the chicken house, and then the flue is in the chicken house.

When this kind of chicken house heating equipment is built, the cost is a bit higher than the previous two. The temperature difference between the front and back of the chicken house will change, but the impact is not too great.

It should be noted that when the chicken house is idle and renovated, the flue must be checked. If the flue is blocked, it will cause heating to be blocked and the temperature of the chicken house will not rise. I had encountered the chimney falling into the bricks at the farmer's house together, and did not check it out. After the chicks arrived at night, the temperature could not rise. The chicks were exposed to the cold for one night, only to be discovered the next day.