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The purpose and characteristics of breeding heating boiler

Breeding heating boiler is a stove used for indoor heating, kang and cooking. It is an outer cover fixed with a thin iron plate on a common cast iron station furnace, forming a space layer with the furnace body, that is, a warm air box. The lower part of the warm air box has a cold air inlet, the upper part has a warm air outlet and a warm air pipe, which changes the radiation heat to provide directional warm air for heating. Good combustion performance.

Breeding heating boiler is a new type of temperature-controlled heating equipment. It has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, fast heating, coal and electricity saving, and long service life. It has good ventilation, heating, dehumidification, sterilization and deamination effects. The operation is simple, electronic temperature control, and the function is very wide. It is widely used in breeding, planting, factory workshop, wet material drying and other fields. The product also adds the advantages of a built-in radiator, thickened lining, multiple heat absorption tubes, etc. It heats up quickly in winter, usually takes 20-40 minutes to reach the ideal temperature, and the fuel can be used as dry wood. Briquettes, Coke.

Use of breeding heating boiler

The product is used in greenhouses, flowers, plant heating, product drying, food processing, pig and chicken house heating and other places that need heating.

Characteristics of breeding heating boiler

  1. This product can increase the temperature of the greenhouse so that the planted fruit can be ripened early and increase the economic efficiency. Make the temperature of chicken and pig house suitable, achieve the effect of constant temperature, and release in advance.

  2. This product is pressure-free, smoke-free, safe and environmentally friendly.

  3. The product is simple to operate and is automatically controlled by a microcomputer.

  4. Compared with ordinary furnace, this product can save coal.

  5. The hot air sent by this product is pure and non-polluting.