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What are the heating equipment for chicken coops in winter?

Now our chicken farming technology is becoming more and more mature, and many farmers have started large-scale farming. Therefore, China's modern chicken farms are becoming more and more standardized and large-scale. There are now hundreds of thousands of large farms. In order to provide a stable breeding environment for the flock, it is necessary to understand the construction of the chicken coop, how to build the chicken coopChicken house heating equipmentWhat are they? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

Closed chicken house, the temperature and environment of this chicken house can be adjusted by manual and instrument control, which can cause artificial microclimate. Artificial ventilation and light are used in the house, by changing the amount of ventilation. Control the temperature, humidity and air composition in the house. The closed chicken house has a stable environment and will not be affected by the atmosphere, diseases and insect pests. The production is stable and easy to manage. This kind of chicken coop uses cement floor, automatic drinking water, ventilation, clean up feces, and is equipped with air ducts, which can control the amount of ventilation, thereby reducing the stress response of the chickens.

What are the heating equipment for chicken coops in winter?

  1. Honeycomb coal furnace heating is mainly used for three-dimensional high-density brooding method. It is very simple to use existing coal furnace to carry out heating work. A coal stove can guarantee the heating work from 15 to 18 square meters. Of course, before the brooding, the corresponding leak detection of the coal stove must be done. This heating method is only used for small Large-scale farming.

  2. Stove heating, in this way, the circulation length of the chimney in the house should be increased as much as possible, so that the heat generated by the coal combustion is dissipated in the chicken house as much as possible, reducing the waste of heat energy, and can not be touched by the smoke outlet Heat prevails. Generally, the length of the chimney is about 20 meters.

  3. Hot air bags and plumbing, chickens housed in cages, can be fired outside the chicken house, and the house can be centrally heated through hot air belts or heating pipes, while paying attention to ventilation and fire prevention. The fire door should be set outside the house, and the coal stove can also be placed in the house for heating, but pay attention to leaving a certain number of vents in the chicken house.

With the continuous development of chicken farming technology in China, the heating equipment of the chicken house in winter is also constantly updated. For large-scale farms, the appropriate heating method must be selected to ensure the temperature in the chicken house, thereby avoiding chicken flocks. Stress or cold.