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Common problems in the use of chicken house heating boiler

Chicken house heating boilerIn the process of using, for common faults and problems, it is important for us to understand the relevant processing methods. So, what are the more common problems during use? What are the corresponding treatment methods? Let's take a look at this problem.

The chicken house heating boiler is flexible in heating, the automatic temperature control system is convenient to operate the switch, the heating speed is fast under large-area use, and the heating area is wide, and different specifications of equipment can be customized according to user needs.

If there is no support and use of heating equipment in the breeding greenhouse in the cold and depressed winter, we can imagine that the consequences are serious and there may be an irreparable situation. In order to find the corresponding treatment measures to control the room temperature, the breeding temperature control boiler is It is a temperature-controlled boiler used for heating in farms and greenhouses. The product has a fast temperature rise, simple operation, a microcomputer automatic control system, and convenient temperature control. It can better regulate the temperature of the greenhouse, have a high-speed heat transfer and heating effect, and can also balance the indoor humidity, energy-saving and smoke-free, uniform room temperature, pure wind does not pollute, keep the air fresh, the fan is installed in the furnace , Can absorb indoor and outdoor air and mixed air, through the exchange of heat energy, converted into hot air and sent into the greenhouse, this thermal efficiency is convenient and can effectively control the ammonia concentration and air temperature in the livestock house, in short, the equipment passes Absorption of the converted hot air has passed through the furnace and played a high-temperature sterilization role, ensuring the freshness of the air.

The use cost of the henhouse heating boiler is much lower than that of the traditional furnace. It can burn coal without barriers and has a high coal-burning efficiency. The amount of coal burned can reach from 5 to 12 hours, which can help balance the greenhouse The temperature and humidity of the plant can reduce the growth of germs, so that plants and animals can grow comfortably and warmly in the environment equipped with a hot air stove in a greenhouse.