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Introduction of the main functions of the chicken house heating boiler

The main functions of the chicken house heating boiler:

1. Environmental protection

Traditional chicken house heating is good. Static heating such as standing stove, firewall, kang noodles, etc., belongs to radiant heat conduction. The heating space has uneven temperature, high energy consumption, poor effect and no ventilation. Usually due to lack of fresh air, chicken diseases such as buoyancy (water chamber chickens), bird flu, etc. In the brooding stage, not only a high temperature of nearly 40 degrees, but also a disease-resistant environment for chickens is required. Traditional heating methods cannot be achieved. The machine adopts a new heating technology that integrates combustion and heat exchange, and heat exchange at the high temperature part of the furnace body. Smoke and clean air go their separate ways. The air is heated to 150 degrees through the furnace body at high temperature and becomes clean and purified new air. Internal and external circulation, free switching, heating and ventilation are synchronized, quickly reduce ammonia in the shed, avoid chicken gas poisoning, and effectively prevent respiratory diseases.

2. Energy saving

The chicken house heating boiler uses negative pressure oxygen-enriched combustion technology, which can guarantee the combustion of coal. Avoid defects such as uneven furnace temperature, inadequate combustion, flue gas overflow, and local combustion. Let energy saving start from burning! Compared with traditional heating methods, coal-fired demand can save 30%-50% of energy. This machine adopts secondary heat energy combustion with high heat energy utilization rate. The double fan's humanized design makes it more energy-efficient and more efficient. Both wind and smoke machines use automatic temperature control to save energy.

3. Efficiency

Temperature balance (± 1 ℃)

Make the chicken house warm up quickly, reach 38 ° C in 90 minutes, and burn coal 10 — 16 kg / h.

Maximum power 15 million kcal / h.

Four, automatic

The chicken house heating boiler has an automatic alarm function for coal shortage, automatic temperature control, automatic ventilation, the temperature of the tuyere reaches the set value, the furnace automatically presses the fire, and the microcomputer of the blower and blower is automatically controlled.

5. Security

The heating of the chicken house heating boiler does not require radiators, no water, safe operation; no burning shed, no smoking shed, no maintenance, easy installation. Even if the furnace body is in full load, it can still guarantee more heat utilization. In the process of use, it is not hot, overflowing, leaking, cracking, or bursting, and can be operated by men, women and children.