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Advantages of aquaculture hot stove

When the temperature drops, the chicken house becomes cold, the survival rate of the chicks is low, and the temperature requirements of the brooders are higher. Newly hatched chickens, ducks, and geese need to survive at a constant temperature of 24 hours. They are very fragile, the temperature is too low, the chicks are easy to gather for heating, and it is easy to cause a lot of squeezing and death. If the temperature is higher than the endurance range of the chicks, then they will die of high temperature. Although general heating equipment has heating functions, they often do not reach the temperature required by the chicks, and they cannot automatically keep the temperature constant, which makes the majority of farmers even more distressed. To this end, Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. launched a breeding hot blast stove.

Technical advantages of breeding hot blast stove:

Fuel is pellets pressed from wood or plant straw. Smoke-free and environmentally friendly when working. It can be fed for more than 8 hours at a time (depending on the size of the biomass hot blast stove).

CNC intelligent automation: no need for workers to intervene automatically, automatically handle the abnormal state in the work process, and realize automatic management

Energy saving: the temperature of exhaust gas has been controlled below 100 degrees, and the heat transfer efficiency has reached 95%;

Effortlessness: Biomass boiler is a normal pressure boiler without burner. Automatic feeding and ignition, as long as feeding 1-2 times per day, reduce labor intensity.

Durable: Fans, gearmotors, igniters, charging systems, main control screens, temperature sensors, low-voltage electrical appliances, frequency converters, etc. all use brands.

The breeding hot air stove has a low failure rate and simple daily maintenance. The structure of the smoke pipe in the stove is vertical without carbon blockage. The ash cleaning nozzle under the stove is convenient for later maintenance.

The service life of the hot blast stove is long, and the service life of the hot blast stove mainly depends on the anti-combustion technology of the hot blast stove. The high-temperature heat exchange part (heat-resistant tube) of this furnace is made of seamless steel pipe for hot blast furnace, which has a long service time of 1300 ℃ without damage.

It can be widely used in aquaculture farms, greenhouses and other heating links, and can also be used as a heat source for drying facilities. Because of its excellent quiet performance, it can be used in hotels, hotel lobbies, swimming pools, stadiums, offices and other civil heating fields.