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Do you know what are the advantages of heating boilers in pig houses?

For pigs, the temperature is also very important. If the temperature is too high, the piglets are easy to get sick. If the temperature is too low, the piglets are prone to cold and diarrhea. success or failure.Pig room heating boilerBorn for this.

The pig house heating boiler automatically controls the temperature, saving coal and being practical.

  1, fast heat transfer

(I) The traditional circulation method is changed, the hot water circulation is fast, the pipeline hot water and the temperature in the furnace basically reach the same value, the pressure is automatically released, and the water can be recycled, and the heat transfer efficiency is faster than traditional methods }%.

(2) The combination of air heating and water heating makes the temperature in the shed increase quickly, the indoor temperature is uniform without leaving a dead angle, and the fresh air can play the role of oxygen, ammonia and dust removal.

  2, high thermal efficiency

The combustion part and the heated part are well combined. Vertical combustion is adopted. No dead angle is left in the furnace. The heated area is large. The temperature of the chimney is 0010010 lt; 70 0010010 quot; C. The thermal efficiency reaches 93 % More.

  4, microcomputer control, automatic management of water temperature and room temperature, you can achieve the desired temperature without special management Easy to operate and more automated.

  5, save time and effort

Adding coal once can burn for 6-12 hours. When adding coal, it will not affect the firepower in the furnace. One person can operate multiple boilers to reduce the labor.

  6, warm in winter and cool in summer

In winter, it can be heated in the summer, and cold underground water can be passed through the circulation pump and radiator to cool the room. Piggery heating boilers have the reputation of water conditioning in the breeding industry.

  7. The pig house heating boiler has a built-in rhomboid flue heater, which is novel in design to make the wind more even and the air distribution smoother. Based on the original equipment, it has been developed with great care and uses three anti-fire Technology, so that the heat of the heater is sufficient, the temperature is higher, the coal is lower, the energy is better used, and the consumption is reduced!

Integrity-based, integrity management, integrity service, this is our unchanged purpose. Piggery heating boiler, choose Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., your good choice.