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Composition and characteristics of piggery heating equipment

The piggery heating equipment is mainly a complete breeding temperature regulation system composed of the mainframe temperature radiator, microcomputer automatic control box, and induced draft fan.

The main equipment of the pig house heating equipment: mainly coal-fired, it has the characteristics of compact structure, safe use, energy saving and clean. The coal feeder and equipment of the main machine are on the top of the furnace. It is more convenient and quick to add coal, and it can burn for 6-12 hours at a time. The host uses coal to burn. Anthracite, lump coal, loose coal, wood, etc. can be used to create more convenient conditions for the user's coal preparation.

Water temperature radiator: composed of pure aluminum radiator and axial fan. It has both heating and cooling functions. Hot water is connected to the heater in winter, and cold water is connected to the cooler in summer.

Microcomputer automatic control box: It is a new type of intelligent controller designed for automatic control of industry, agriculture and aquatic products. The liquid crystal Chinese characters are used to display the temperature, and the field data is collected and processed by the single-chip microcomputer. The controller can automatically save data when the power is off, and automatically reset when the call comes.

Main features of piggery heating equipment:

  1. Clean warm water, not dry.

  2. Computer temperature control, energy saving. When the room temperature reaches the requirements, the machine stops automatically, and the residual temperature in the furnace is used to maintain the water temperature.

  3. Convenient management, labor-saving, worry-free, clean and hygienic, no smoke pollution.

  4. Security. This product uses boiler pressure relief technology. When the boiler pressure reaches a certain pressure, the pressure relief system automatically opens, effectively eliminating the adverse consequences of boiler overpressure.

  5. One machine for two purposes. This system has the dual effect of heating in winter and cooling in summer

The winter piggery heating equipment will naturally lead to a certain degree of closure of the piggery. After the closure, ammonia and other harmful gases will inevitably increase in the house. Life poses threats and breeds diseases, so ventilation and disinfection should be increased while keeping warm.