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Briefly introduce the knowledge about the water curtain cabinet

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1.Water curtain cabinetEquipment overview:

The water curtain cabinet is mainly used for the separation of paint water of production sewage containing paint. The equipment can completely separate the paint residue in the sewage containing paint. The treated water can be recycled in the original process without discharge, reducing the pressure on environmental protection; Yes, reduce the cost of hazardous waste disposal and reduce the pressure on environmental protection.

2. Suitable paint for water curtain cabinet: oil paint, water-based paint, UV paint, other paint;

3. Applicable industries for water curtain cabinets: automobiles, furniture, toys, plastics, aluminum, hardware, etc.

4. Application scenario of water curtain cabinet:

  1. Water-based paint production cleaning wastewater;

  2. Circulating water treatment of water curtain cabinet in spray booth;

  3. Exhaust gas treatment spray tower circulating water treatment;

  4. Sewage treatment of paint spraying large circulation pool;

  5. Treatment of wastewater containing paint from other conditions;

Second, the advantages of water curtain cabinet equipment: (other people do not have me, people have me, and people are cheap)

  1. Sewage and reagents are fully reacted by accelerating the reactor, and the reagents are fully utilized without causing waste, greatly reducing the amount of paint mist agglomerating agent ab agent, saving the boss money! save money! save money!

  2. The water treated by the equipment is as clear as tap water, without odor, and most of the paint mist absorbed in the circulating water is separated. Can be recycled and reused, without changing water, to achieve zero emissions, zero emissions, zero emissions!

  3. The separated paint residue is non-sticky and automatically collected without manual cleaning, saving labor! Artificial! Artificial!

  4. The COD and BOD of circulating water are greatly reduced, and the SS (solid suspended matter) value is basically zero.

  5. The equipment covers a small area and is easy to install;

  6. The device runs intelligently, without special care, and can run continuously for 24 hours;

  7. The water curtain cabinet has low operating cost and high efficiency, and the effect can be seen quickly;

The clean water treated by the water curtain cabinet can be recycled without discharge.