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Piggery heating equipment regulates piggery temperature

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The scientific control of pig house temperature is very important for healthy pig breeding. The suitable temperature can not only prevent the occurrence of cold and hot stress, cold, diarrhea and other diseases of pigs, but It can effectively improve the pig's resistance and feed compensation, which is one of the methods to greatly improve the economic efficiency of pig breeding. The temperature control of the pig house is a systematic project, not only needs to be installedPiggery heating equipmentOr cooling equipment, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures in many aspects such as piggery design, building material selection, and ventilation efficiency optimization.

Temperature is one of the more important environmental factors in pig production. Although pigs can achieve constant body temperature through self-regulation, under unsuitable temperature conditions, maintaining pigs' constant body temperature is often at the expense of damaging economic benefits, physiological functions, and immunity. In order to improve the health level of the herd and the economic benefits of breeding to a greater extent, it is important to provide a comfortable temperature for the herd. Piggery temperature control is a systematic project, which needs to be optimized from the aspects of piggery site selection, orientation, piggery house structure, building material selection, ventilation efficiency, piggery heating equipment and cooling equipment, etc. Expected effect. Otherwise, it will not only increase the cost of energy consumption required for temperature control, but also difficult to achieve the expected results.

Pig house roof design

In traditional pig house design, asbestos tiles are mostly used for roofing. The major disadvantage of this method is poor insulation performance, resulting in severe cold winter and hot summer in the pig house. In the design of a modern pig house, a light steel structure is recommended, and the roof material is color steel polystyrene foam sandwich panel or color steel rock wool sandwich panel. The inner layer of the sandwich panel can be replaced with PVC color steel layer to improve corrosion resistance.

Selection of thermal insulation building materials for pig pen

In order to reduce the energy consumption required for temperature control during the operation of the pig farm and maintain a good temperature stability in the pig house, it is required that the pig house must use materials with good thermal insulation during the design and construction process. The scientific application of thermal insulation materials can effectively achieve the purpose of thermal insulation in winter and thermal insulation in summer. Keeping the pig house warm in winter and cool in summer, and effectively saving the energy consumption of the heating equipment of the pig house, it can also make the temperature difference between the day and night in the pig house more balanced.