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Breeding stoves have reached the high temperature requirements of farmers

The room temperature of the hot air stove is uniform, the temperature at the beginning of the fire tube in the in-situ stove heating mode is too high, and young creatures dare not come close, and the flue rise is treated with a sandwich air duct, which greatly reduces the temperature and plays an important role The role of balance and uniform room temperature. The equipment can not only meet the high temperature requirements of local chicken breeding, but also can achieve the desired effect of the farmers after being diffused at the room temperature of the whole chicken house, whether it is vertical or horizontal.

Breeding hot blast stove has high efficiency and energy saving, and high heat energy utilization rate: HB series hot blast stove absorbs and uses the heat around the original hot blast stove, converts it into hot blast, and improves the heat energy utilization rate.

The indoor air of the hot air stove is fresh and the temperature can be adjusted freely: HB series hot air stove can absorb both indoor air and outdoor fresh air. Through heat energy exchange, hot air is sent into the room to control the ammonia concentration and air humidity in the poultry house. Breeding hot blast stove is easy to operate and maintain, with digital display and manual coal feeding functions.

With the popularization and application of breeding hot blast stoves, more and more people began to pay attention to the performance characteristics of hot blast stoves. Breeding hot blast stove has dual functions of hot in winter and cold in summer. In view of the shortcomings of old products that can only burn anthracite coal lump coal, breeding hot blast stove can use bituminous coal, anthracite coal, lump coal and bulk coal. Users can wash coal nearby, saving investment.

Breeding hot blast stove increases the furnace capacity. The coal-fired combustion-supporting system composed of flue induced draft fan makes the combustion good, the smoke exhaust is smooth and there is no blockage. The flue gas heater composed of a spiral fin radiator tube and a fan has the dual functions of coal saving and dust removal. The waste heat generated by the boiler is radiated again by the flue gas heater, and the energy saving and environmental protection effects are better. This machine can be installed anywhere in the room. The heat exchanger of the air heating part uses a low-pressure fan to solve the problem of excessive noise of the original product.