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Introduce the advantages of breeding hot air stove

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; many farmers do n’t knowBreeding stoveThe advantages and use of it have been widely used in livestock breeding in recent years. There are two series of indirect heat exchange hot air stoves for breeding, hot air stoves, vertical and horizontal. Advantages of breeding hot air stove:

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1. Energy saving

Using a novel negative pressure oxygen-enriched combustion technology, a negative pressure fan can ensure good combustion of coal. Avoid defects caused by positive pressure combustion such as uneven furnace temperature, poor combustion, flue gas overflow, and partial combustion. Let energy saving start from burning! Compared with traditional heating methods, coal demand can be saved from 30% to 50%. The direct heating of the breeding hot air furnace after ignition has a high utilization rate of heat energy. Humanized design, energy saving and efficiency. The operation of the fan is controlled by an automatic temperature controller, saving energy and reducing consumption.

Second, high efficiency

Based on the advantages of the traditional hot blast stove, the aquaculture hot blast stove can achieve heat release outside the furnace without insulation materials, so that when the furnace temperature reaches 150 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the chimney exit can still be controlled within 100 degrees . we. The secondary combustion technology is used to reburn the bituminous coal flue gas, so as to better ensure that the volatile matter and particulate matter in the bituminous coal are used in high temperature oxygen combustion.

3. Environmental protection

Combustion and heat transfer are integrated in the breeding hot blast stove. The new bile heating technology is applied to high temperature parts of the furnace body. There are different ways of smoke and clean air. The air is heated to 180 degrees Celsius through the furnace body and becomes purified fresh air.

4. Freedom

The design of the furnace body can be circulated inside and outside the furnace shed, and the inside and outside of the furnace shed can be automatically switched. Eliminate livestock and poultry gas poisoning and effectively prevent respiratory diseases.

5. Security

Breeding hot air stove does not need heating sheet, water, safe operation, no combustion shed, no smoking shed, no maintenance, and easy installation. The furnace body can work even at full load. Its heat utilization rate is still very high. No overflow, no leakage, no cracking, both men, women and children can operate.