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Answers to questions about chicken house breeding fan selection and negative pressure

Today I share with you the points of reaching a consensus on solutions to some of the problems often encountered in feeding management at the learning exchange meeting. For broilers in cages, should I use the lower fan or the upper fan? why?

This problem, the result of our discussion is the use of lower-layer fans, the reasons are as follows: first, the heat distribution of the air in the chicken house, everyone knows that the air temperature of the chicken house is stratified, the hot air rises, and the cold air sinks, so the more The higher the temperature toward the roof, some cage farms often face the confusion that the temperature difference between the upper and lower inside the cage is too large. Our solution is to use a lower fan for the breeding fan, so that the upper layer of hot air can be brought to the lower cage, so that the temperature difference between the three cages will be reduced, and energy is saved. If the upper layer fan is used, the hot air in the house will be directly drawn from the roof, and the heat will also be taken away. The outside fresh air will rarely fall to the lower layer cage. . Therefore, we recommend using the lower fan.

Then, is there a standard for negative pressure in the house? How do I choose the suitable negative pressure for my chicken coop? The negative pressure in the henhouse remains unchanged for a whole batch of chickens, or do you not need to pay attention to the negative pressure, it doesn't matter if you are bigger or smaller?

There is no standard for the negative pressure of different houses. A general rule is that the negative pressure of the wide house should be larger, and the negative pressure of the narrow house should be smaller. The specific amount is suitable. We must pass the smoke test before entering the chicken. Under different negative pressures, the location of cold air in the chicken house to determine the appropriate negative pressure for your house. Once you have decided on a negative pressure suitable for your own house in a certain season, keep this negative pressure unchanged. Because the negative pressure determines the drop point of the cold air outside, the purpose of maintaining the stability of the negative pressure is to ensure the stability of the drop point of the cold air outside. When switching the fan or increasing the amount of ventilation, the ventilation pipe or small window is required to match the amount of ventilation at this time to ensure the stability of the negative pressure of the chicken house. In addition, the nighttime negative pressure can be 2-3 points higher than the daytime, because the nighttime temperature is low, the air is heavy, and the negative pressure is high, which guarantees the same air fall point as during the daytime.

The above is the answer to the question about breeding fan selection and negative pressure, I hope to help everyone.