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Management regulations in daily use of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers

In order to ensure stable and reliable production, the farm can strengthen the daily management of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers according to the specific conditions, and remove hidden dangers.

  1. Strictly implement rules and regulations, earnestly study the knowledge of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers, and continuously improve to ensure stable and economic operation of boilers.

  2. After the gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler is put into use, users and individuals shall not change the boiler structure, valves and piping system without authorization.

  3. Conduct continuous inspections of equipment according to regulations, including water tank water level (hot water tank, expansion tank), energy consumption (boiler gas meter), thermometer (hot water tank temperature, boiler heat medium water temperature), etc. Check operation records, inventory equipment, and learn more about boiler operation.

  4. Those who take over should arrive at the boiler room in advance according to regulations, shifts, and scheduled times, make preparations for taking over, and understand the operation of the boiler.

  5. The successor should make preparations in advance and carefully carry out overall inspection and investigation to keep the boiler running normally.

  6. The handover staff introduces the successor to equipment success, water quality, boiler blowdown, etc. The handover personnel shall not leave their posts without going through the handover procedures.

  7. When the boiler is running, keep the boiler body clean, free of dirt, leakage, rust, and corrosion. Carefully fill in equipment maintenance records.

  8. The boiler room is one of the key departments for boiler use. Except for the boiler room staff, relevant leaders, security, and department managers, no other personnel may enter without authorization.

  9. It is forbidden to store flammable, explosive and other debris in the boiler room. Use a small amount of lubricating oil drums and kettles, clean oil should be stored in the specified location, and pay attention to check whether there is a dangerous substance in the combustion.

  10. The boiler room should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment. It should be managed carefully and not moved or used for other purposes.

  11. Keep the floor, walls, doors and windows of the boiler room clean and hygienic.

  12. The leader in charge should regularly and irregularly check the operation records and environmental sanitation, and find and solve problems in a timely manner.

  13. Work on time according to the stipulated time, make a record of succession, do not quit arbitrarily, and ask for leave if you have something.

  14. Drinking, napping, etc. in the boiler room are strictly prohibited. Once found, take it seriously.

  15. Write a written accident report after a timely report of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler failures and accidents (timely report to the person in charge at night) After the investigation is clear and the responsibilities are clear, investigate and deal with the accident losses caused by negligence of duty.