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Brief introduction of chicken house heating boiler equipment

The chicken house heating boiler is a kind of equipment for breeders to heat the breeding industry environment. Mainly include: breeding boiler, breeding radiator, breeding fan, breeding temperature controller. Compared with other equipment, it has the advantages of high heating efficiency, coal saving and full automation. It is the current heating equipment for aquaculture.

The chicken house heating boiler is a kind of coal-fired automatic temperature control equipment developed to improve the heating situation of China's breeding industry. It combines the advantages of fast air heating and long water heating insulation time, and provides farmers with good temperature conditions at economical operating costs.

The chicken house heating boiler is a complete breeding and temperature control system composed of "host", "water temperature radiator", "microcomputer automatic control box" and "induced fan". It has dual functions of warming in winter and cooling in summer. Coal-fired heating in winter is energy-saving, clean and convenient. In summer, groundwater is cooled under pressure, and its effect is the same as water temperature and air conditioning.

Chicken house heating boiler host

The host is a combination of water heating and wind heating. It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable and strong, energy-saving and clean. The main heating method is water temperature, and the auxiliary heating method is air duct.

Chicken house heating boiler water temperature radiator

There are two types of water temperature radiators: type A (aluminum) and type B (copper). It consists of pure aluminum radiator and low-pressure axial fan. It has both heating and cooling functions. Hot water is used as a heater in the season, and cold water is used as a cooler in the summer.

Microcomputer control box of chicken house heating boiler

The accurate temperature difference of the automatic control part of the chicken house heating furnace is less than 1 degrees Celsius, which can effectively control the combustion and heating of the host. Can not only save energy but also meet the temperature requirements. The temperature can be set as needed to achieve the purpose of automatic control and constant temperature.