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Pay attention to the operating rules when using breeding heating boilers

There are many types of boilers. Atmospheric hot water boiler is one of them. There are other classifications, such as steam boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, etc. Operators of the latter need to be trained. The design, production, installation and use of atmospheric hot water boilers are not prescribed by the technical supervision department. Atmospheric hot water boiler is also called non-pressure hot water boiler. This boiler belongs to the category of civil life boilers. It is a pressureless hot water boiler with an air outlet at the top, and the boiler body has been running at normal pressure. The main feature is that the boiler is not pressurized. Mainly used for heating and hot water production. It is one of our more common boiler varieties. With the continuous development of industry and the continuous expansion of the scale of factory farming, the application of aquaculture heating boilers in the aquaculture industry will increase. Farms and operators should place stability in a very important position.

Since the stability factor of the atmospheric hot water boiler is very high, why is there an accident? According to the technical staff of Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., there is no hidden danger to the stability of the atmospheric hot water boiler. As long as the workers follow the normal operation steps, pay attention to the observation during the use of the boiler. The carelessness of the boiler's high stability factor and paralysis, the atmospheric hot water boiler needs to continuously replenish the heating water. If workers neglect their duties, they will continue to use boilers for heating after the water has dried. Long time can also lead to accidents. On the other hand, aquaculture farms can regularly invite technical personnel from manufacturers to inspect and maintain the heating boilers to prevent the boilers from being used for a long time, and there are hidden dangers to stability in some parts of the boilers. To buy a boiler, we need to compare more. First of all, like the farm, try to choose the atmospheric hot water boiler with a high stability factor, try to choose the breeding heating boiler of the reputable and high-quality boiler factory, and do not buy inferior boilers at a cheap price.

Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. reminded the farm owners that no matter which breeding heating boiler is used, they must strictly abide by the operating regulations. The farm should strengthen the training of boiler workers' technical skills, always put stability in front, without leaving a trace of slack, and if possible, choose a more stable atmospheric hot water boiler.