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Brief introduction of working principle and characteristics of water curtain cabinet

Many people do not know how the pumpless water curtain cabinet works. Today Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. will give you a brief introduction.

The water curtain cabinet uses the negative pressure generated by the exhaust fan to lift the water in the equipment water tank to form a circulating water curtain in the pumpless water curtain cabinet. The air containing paint mist first collides with the water curtain under the action of a certain air flow organization, and some viscous substances are trapped in the water. Then enter the air-water channel through the water curtain, and create a strong mixing and mixing with the water in the channel, flushing the particles into the water. When part of the water enters the air collector with the air flow organization, the gas and water are separated. The treated gas passes through the baffle and then is discharged into the air through the exhaust fan; after the air collector collects, the separated water flows into the overflow tank Form water curtain F. From the overflow tank to the overflow plate, the harmful components in the paint mist are removed by reciprocating circulation. Adding a special flocculant to the circulating water can change the adhesion conditions of the paint mist, so that the paint mist floats on the water surface to form slag, which is convenient for cleaning. During the operation of the equipment, new water is automatically added to the water tank, so that the water is reused, the sewage discharge is small, and it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Characteristics of pumpless water curtain cabinet

  1. The bottom tank is made of 3 mm thick SUS 304.

  2. The material of the water curtain cabinet is 1. 5 mm thick SUS 304, and the wall is connected with the frame bolts.

  3. The exhaust fan is explosion-proof. The exhaust pipe is designed with a manual air volume control valve to facilitate the air volume adjustment in the work area. The steel plate and the bracket are made of good conductive materials and are grounded.

  4. Adopt control cabinet operation mode. The interface of the control cabinet can start, close and display the current running state.

  5. The lighting function, abnormal alarm system, emergency stop and other functions are individually controlled.

The above is an introduction to the working principle and characteristics of the water curtain cabinet, I hope to help everyone.

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