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Talking about the cost of breeding heating boiler

Large-scale farming has driven the development of heating equipment. From single-stove water heaters, heaters, to central heating, farmers have shown their powers, but they all cannot use coal. China's requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, and coal is no longer allowed in most places, and heating of aquaculture has become a problem. From the current point of view, there are mainly natural gas, diesel, biomass particles, electricity, alcohol-based fuel and other breeding heating Boiler, but the cost is much higher than coal farming heating boiler.

Most of the foreign countries use natural gas heating boilers to directly heat the chicken houses, there are warm air type and scattering type. Because it is directly heated in the chicken house, the utilization rate is high, and the cost is not much. China generally heats hot water first, and then heats the air through the radiator, and the utilization rate is low.

There are also some electric heaters that directly heat the chicken house. The cost is still within the controllable range, but the power capacity is high. The cost of biomass pellets is not high, but the calorific value is low, and it is necessary to increase the capacity of the original boiler to adapt. The alcohol-based fuel market is currently not standardized, lacks stability, has a low calorific value, and has a high cost. The addition of chemical waste to some alcohol-based fuels causes environmental pollution and damages the boiler. The use cost of diesel is high. At present, there is a boiler fuel that is worse than light diesel. The cost is lower than diesel and the heating value is high. However, the oil supply department is stable and the price fluctuates greatly. Natural gas is a relatively clean energy source, but there are few pipelines near the farm. The one-time investment with LNG filling is large. In the long run, natural gas is still better.

The cost of these fuels is much higher than that of coal-fired heating boilers, so the farm is required to find ways to save energy, change the method of reheating the air by heating hot water, directly heating the air in the chicken house, and strengthening the insulation of the chicken house ventilation.