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Ventilation principle and design of cattle house fan

Animal husbandry fan (cattle fan), also known as negative pressure fan, is a new type of fan, which is an axial fan, because it is mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling projects, called negative pressure fan.

Principle of Ventilation

The livestock industry exhausts the air outward, reduces the indoor air pressure, and the indoor air becomes thinner. The characteristics of animal husbandry form a negative pressure zone. The air flows into the room due to the compensation of the pressure difference. In the practical application of industrial plants, animal husbandry is concentrated on one side of the plant, and the air inlet is arranged on the other side of the plant. The air is blown into the livestock fan by convection from the air inlet. During this process, the doors and windows near the livestock fan are kept closed, and the air is forced into the workshop by compensating the doors and windows on the water inlet side. The air is arranged in a straight line from the air inlet through the workshop and enters the workshop in an orderly manner. After passing the workshop, the air is discharged from the animal husbandry fan. The ventilation is good and the efficiency is very high, the ventilation rate reaches 90%. Through specific engineering design, according to the need to design the ventilation speed and wind speed, high heat, harmful gases, dust and smoke can be discharged from the workshop at high speed, and the problem of poor ventilation can be solved once and for all. Ventilation can be achieved within seconds of turning on the fan.

Design and manufacture of cowshed fan

The cow house fan blades are made of twisted stainless steel stamping, which has large air volume, no deformation and no continuous cracks. The shell is light and beautiful, easy to install, and can effectively protect the cow house fan blades, stable and strong; the design of the recessed fan handling handle can effectively avoid The inconvenience during loading and unloading will not affect the installation and appearance of the fan.

Cowherd fan function introduction

  1. Ventilation and ventilation: installed outside the workshop window, the downdraft and outside air are generally used to remove odorous gases, and are generally used in general chemical plants.

  2. In conjunction with the use of wet curtains: used as a workshop cooling in the summer, no matter how hot your workshop is, the wet curtain cowshed fan system can reduce your workshop temperature to about 30 ℃, and has Certain humidity.