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Classification and thermal efficiency of breeding hot air stove

Breeding hot blast stove is a product developed and produced by the company itself. The boiler has a long service life, green energy saving, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, small heat loss, and low use cost. It saves money, worry, and peace of mind. Sturdy: The use of excellent refractory materials in the furnace can be used at a high temperature of 1400 C for a long time without damage. Fresh air, uniform temperature and controllable. The fan at the furnace of the breeding hot air furnace can absorb outdoor air; it can also absorb outdoor fresh air or indoor mixed air, and convert it into hot air through heat energy exchange to send indoors to ensure fresh air. The adjustment of the heater bag can make the indoor temperature even. Self-controlled temperature control can make you operate stably, worry-free and effortless.

Breeding hot air stove is a stove that burns fuel and directly heats the air to produce hot air.

  1. From fuel: electric heating, coal, gas, oil, etc .;

  2. In terms of combustion methods: positive pressure combustion, negative pressure combustion, and mechanical combustion;

  3. From the type points: vertical (single return), horizontal;

  4. From the return structure: from 2 return to 5 return;

  5. From the heat exchange medium: there are single medium and dual medium;

  6. From the point of view of wind source: there are single fan and double fan.

Thermal efficiency of aquaculture hot stove

The heat exchange area is an important indicator of the thermal efficiency of the hot blast stove.

When the heat exchange amount is constant, the larger the heat exchange area, the higher the heat exchange efficiency of the furnace and the more energy-saving it is. The dual-fan hot blast stove uses multi-pass heat exchange technology to increase the stroke of the flue gas in the furnace, increase the number of heat exchanges with the wind, and increase the heat exchange area, which can improve thermal efficiency.

The life of aquaculture hot air furnace is mainly determined by two aspects, one is the furnace's anti-burning technology. If the burning place cannot be solved, the stove will soon break down. The second is the thickness of steel plates and steel pipes.