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Wastewater treatment method of water curtain cabinet

Water Curtain CabinetsWastewater Treatment with paint Mist Flocculant AB Agent products, does not contain dangerous ingredients, in the coating paint sewage treatment can be done to deal with the standard, greatly reduce the high cost of external discharge and water exchange, after use can purify water quality and organic matter, control the paint working environment is not contaminated, simple operation, stable performance, broad applicability. The factors that determine the effect of the use of lacquer mist coagulation flocculant are the susceptibility of lacquer mist coagulant to the polarity of the resin. Non-polar resins, paints, polarity of smaller resins, paint should be used in different polarity, hydrophilic lacquer mist flocculant AB agent. In particular, it needs to be obtained through experiments.

Two main features of lacquer mist Flocculant AB Agent:

1, the ability to eliminate adhesion

Different paint mist coagulant manufacturers produce products on the paint viscosity decomposition force is different. The decomposition force depends on the scientific collocation of the paint mist coagulant a agent and other additive components. Our company after more experiments, in the same spray paint wastewater water quality, concentration and add amount of the case, our company produces lacquer mist flocculant broken sticky effect good with other products.

2, targeted

Paint can be divided into water-based paint and oily paint two categories, wastewater treatment selection of targeted products.

Water curtain cabinets using polymer compounds with materials production, for neutral water curtain cabinets painting sewage treatment agent, can greatly reduce sewage treatment costs, reduce the cost of circulating water wastewater treatment, paint slag can be used for general waste treatment, no secondary pollution, mainly for water curtain, retrofit and other wet spraying equipment circulating aqueous system paint slag treatment, commonly known as AB agent, Lacquer Mist Flocculant, divided into a agent and B agent collocation combination. The regular treatment of paint room wastewater by lacquer mist flocculant is beneficial to reduce the pollution index of spray room, and can reduce the pollution of paint sewage, and the use of lacquer mist Flocculant AB Agent can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.