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What are some points of attention in the painting process of the water curtain cabinet?

Water Curtain CabinetsIt is also possible to test the range size of these measuring paints using conductivity. In the measurement often check the instrument to find the fault to be repaired in a timely manner, so as not to measure the results are not accurate, when measuring the conductivity of the use of conductive instruments to measure. For the usual production and use of the yin Plate, in the work before the staff should be prepared more than 2, in the work of not enough use of the phenomenon and can be replaced by the use of water curtain cabinets, so that the error can be reduced. And now the water curtain cabinet in the painting production line in the work, water curtain cabinet which is good, it is necessary to pay attention to the product to be coated with the problem, in advance to choose some of the corresponding hanging tools, such a hanger is through the test dipping to the overall design, The purpose of this approach is to be able to put the applied workpiece in a suitable position, the effect of the smear is good, but also smooth.

Now the words are all about the utilization of space. Visit the coating line, common painting room, and in some drying room under the space spacious more occasions. In the painting workshop space, the volume of each device is generally 40%~70%, space more occasions, water curtain cabinet supply, many aspects are to improve the cost of the building, but also relatively good has become in the painting workshop in the production of air flow, energy loss, the current paint dust defects and so on. Can be directly according to the dust-free level of demand planning different levels of the gas filtration system. Dust-free positive pressure fresh wind recharge, through the initial effect, medium effect, medium efficiency, four layers of university filtration with Vortex spray room, positive pressure spraying. Chain to the color steel plate rock cotton oven, far infrared heating pipe baking, no matter how to say these in the temperature control sectional control, are to be added to the UV curing furnace, dust-free room workshop million to static million dynamic level 100,000. And now some spraying speed is fast, many aspects are to spray evenly, according to the workpiece changes, automatic adjustment of the spray gun, high and low, front and rear, angle position, can also be said to be compatible with the machine simulation program, many aspects are to reduce the stop line gun proofing time, and in some spray gun conditions digital memory, In this way, you can reduce the attachment to the master, production management is easy.