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Treatment method of common problems in chicken coop heating boiler

    Chicken Coop Heating BoilerIn the use of the process, for common faults and problems, we understand the relevant processing methods are important. So, what are the more common problems in the use process? What are the corresponding treatment methods? Let's take a look at this problem below.

Chicken Coop Heating Boiler heating flexible, automatic temperature control system operation switch is convenient, large area of the use of heating speed, heating area is wide, according to user needs to customize different specifications of equipment.

If in the cold and depressed winter, the breeding shed does not have the support and use of heating equipment, we can imagine that the consequences are serious and there is a possibility of irreversible situation, in order to control the room temperature to find the corresponding treatment measures, breeding temperature control boiler is used for the farm, greenhouse heating temperature control boiler, the product lift temperature fast, Simple operation microcomputer automatic control system, temperature convenient control. Can be very good on the greenhouse temperature has a regulating effect, there is a high-speed heat transfer and heating effect, but also can balance the indoor humidity, energy-saving smoke-free, uniform room temperature, pure wind without any pollution, keep the air fresh, set in the furnace at the fan, can absorb indoor and outdoor air and mixed air, through the exchange of heat Converted into hot air into the greenhouse shed, this thermal efficiency is convenient to effectively control the ammonia concentration and air temperature in the livestock and poultry house, simply put, the equipment by absorbing the converted hot air, has been in the furnace through the role of high temperature sterilization, to ensure the freshness of the air.

Chicken Coop Heating Boiler Use cost is significantly lower than traditional furnace, barrier-free combustion of coal, high coal-fired efficiency, a coal-fired capacity of up to 5-12 hours, can help balance the temperature and humidity in the shed, reduce the growth of germs, so that animals and plants grow in the installation of greenhouse hot blast furnace in the environment of comfort and warmth.