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Water curtain Cabinets cleanup need to clean up which places

Water Curtain Cabinetsis used to filter spray paint fog, to the paint workers body respiratory protection effect, emissions of paint fog and reduce the impact on the outside environment, since the water curtain cabinet filtered paint, will make paint mixed with water, paint fog for a long time will form paint slag, clogging the curtain water cabinet of all parts, it is necessary for our cycle line of the water curtain cabinet cleaning, So that the water curtain cabinet to maintain the working state, then how should we clean the water curtain cabinet? Where do water curtain cabinets clean up and where do they need to be cleaned up?

We mainly listed the water curtain cabinet cleaning as the following six major parts:

1: Water curtain Cabinet fan, water curtain cabinet core components, paint fog through the water curtain filter, by the exhaust fan to the remaining paint fog outside, to achieve the protection of the working environment. Huada Weiye Water Curtain cabinet fan through the design, in the cleaning, you can remove the fan above the two fastening screws, in accordance with the direction of the hinge rotation, you can see the wind vane of the fan, the use of shovels such as the tool, you can remove the paint slag clean.

2: Water Curtain Cabinet lighting explosion-proof lamp, lighting explosion-proof lamp is an important part of the water curtain cabinet, to provide the brightness required for the production of lighting, so that the accuracy of paint color greatly improved. Lighting explosion-proof lamp cleaning is mainly to pay attention to the outer structure of the lamp for glass material, can not use hard tools, it is recommended to use dilution agent scrub can be.

3: Water curtain Cabinet Curtain pipe cleaning, curtain board to produce a curtain, block the main parts of the paint, when the use of water curtain cabinets for a long time, paint fog formed by the paint slag will clog the exit, so that the water curtain output reduced.

4: Water curtain Cabinet resistance paint mesh, paint mesh can block the paint in the tank into the curtain box pump, the pump caused damage, so we clean up when we need to take out the paint mesh, rinse with high pressure water can be.