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Share a few tips for using a fan water curtain on a farm

The common way to cool a chicken coop in summer isFan water Curtain, but how to use it reasonably, many farmers friends are not very clear, today, we mainly come to share with you a few tips on the use of fan water curtain on the farm.

1. Do not use the fan water curtain prematurely. Early summer, the temperature is unstable, and the morning and evening temperature difference is relatively large, premature use of wet curtain easy to lead to the chicken group cold, at the same time will increase the humidity in the chicken coop, chicken coop humidity is easy to make the feed mildew, but also easy to breed coccidiosis and other pathogenic microorganisms. This stage temperature is not very high, in fact, as long as more ventilation can be, wet curtain can not open first.

2. Chicken Coop Air humidity above 50% try not to use, their own wet curtain use will increase the humidity in the chicken coop, so the double effect, the chicken group not only will not feel cool, but will be sultry, unfavorable to the health of chickens.

3. Fan water curtain as far as possible in the year hot days (more than 30 degrees at night) to use, other times only in the daily hot hours of use.

4. A fan uses an AC contactor and an overheat protector.

5. Before the pump to pick up a timer, the pump is two-phase electricity on the two-phase point of electricity, three-phase use of three-phase. Can control how many minutes the pump open (wet curtain infiltration through the time), stop how many minutes (their own observation, to the chicken coop temperature rise 1 degrees time), so that can save electricity, but also reduce the humidity of the chicken coop, in addition to the very hot days, most of the time can be used this method.

These points seem unremarkable, but do a good job and do bad differences are very different, we can not ignore, summer temperature is high, want to maintain the normal growth of chickens, do a good job of cooling is the key, so the correct use of fan water curtain is very important.