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How do you make water inside when using biomass hot water blast furnace?

With the continuous development of society, in real lifeBiomass Hot water blast furnaceThe scope of application gradually increased, but due to long-time use will also appear corresponding problems, such as boiler water shortage phenomenon, boiler water shortage phenomenon will be the use of biomass hot water blast furnace equipment caused by the corresponding damage, in this case, the corresponding attention should be paid to the treatment of biomass hot water boiler, if the response measures are improper, May cause permanent damage to the device. This is due to the water shortage of biomass hot water boiler, on the one hand, the steel plate is dry burning and overheating, and even burning red, so that the strength is greatly reduced, on the other hand, because of the overheating of the steel plate temperature and water supply temperature difference, the steel plate first touch the area of water due Soda is ejected from the break, which constitutes a blasting affair.

The following is the specific situation:

The water shortage scene of biomass hot water boiler mainly has the following phenomena:

1) Biomass hot water furnace water level below the water level or water level meter can not see the water level, water level meter color whitening or shiny. Low water level signal alarm, light signal lights up.

2) There is a biomass hot water furnace with superheater, the temperature of superheated steam increases abnormally, and the overtemperature alarm signal is issued.

3) Biomass hot water furnace exhaust xian temperature abnormal increase.

4) anomaly of water flow breaking and steam flow address. Usually in the case of water flow impressed less than steam flow, if there is a pipe or economizer, such as leakage, water supply proud Although the increase can not maintain the normal water level, then the water supply will be greater than the steam flow.

5) Biomass hot water blast furnace when the water shortage, can smell the smell of coke paste.