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Chicken Coop Heating Equipment Heating should take clean heating development!

At present, all over the world is entering the heating period of chicken breeding, Shandong Golden Shield Energy saving and environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. in order to allow farmers to choose a new type of chicken heating equipment has taken further development.

   Chicken Coop Heating EquipmentEnergy saving, labor saving, saving work, temperature, can be customized according to customer needs, have after-sales service team, can automatically or manually, at any time to grasp the temperature, so that your breeding industry becomes relaxed.

The use of negative pressure oxygen-enriched combustion technology can ensure the full combustion of coal. Chicken heating equipment to avoid positive pressure combustion caused by uneven furnace temperature, combustion is not permeable, flue gas overflowing, local burning loss and so on to defect. Let energy conservation go at the starting point-start with the burning!

The company's chicken coop heating equipment heaters are using good burners, good product performance, good continuous operation stability, low failure rate, open 24-hour customer consultation telephone, technical advice, product failure treatment, breeding heater technical training, always provide product operation.

Look at the chicken coop Heating equipment Heating area is how to design: energy-saving breeding heater is how to save coal

1, chicken coop heating equipment combustion chamber of the four walls and the middle of the spiral tube part of the use of fire-coated water design.

2, chicken coop heating equipment Tempering smoke part, the use of multi-tube combination, anti-smoke return structure of the water package fire design, greatly increased the heating area. Therefore, the equipment heating up fast, high thermal efficiency, low smoke temperature.

Environmental protection dust Removal of chicken coop heating equipment:

The combustion part is cleverly combined with the heated part. Make the whole furnace constitute a stereo precipitator, the combustion of flue gas, dust burnout, to meet the smoke-free emission of a class of emission standards.