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Pig pigsty heating equipment used in pig houses a little

Now the development of aquaculture is more and more rapid, the use of ground heating boilers are more and more, the use of ground heating boilers more and more extensive advantages!

Pig pigsty Heating EquipmentAdvantages for pigsty: cost savings

First, compared with the traditional radiator

With other heating methods in winter room temperature should be maintained at about 20 degrees, and the use of heating heating needs to keep room temperature about 15 degrees, at this time the cement surface temperature can be close to 30 degrees, pigs will feel quite comfortable. Therefore, the heating ground warm and ordinary radiator compared, can save 35% energy.

Ii. compared with the heating of electric land

A, electricity heating operation cost: Electricity bill according to 0.60 Yuan/kwh, heating time according to 120 days, each square meter annual heating cost is 120 yuan.

b, aquatic warm if the use of traditional coal as fuel, 100 square meters 24 hours heating about 2000 yuan cost, each square meter of annual heating cost is about 30 yuan (because the warm temperature is very slow, do not have to worry about the same as ordinary radiator, because of forgetting to add coal caused by the hot and cold).

C, take the million-head pig farm as an example, only the key location: maternity beds and conservation, maternity beds 120, conservation 320 square meters, a total of 280 square meters. That is, a million-headed pig farm in the only key location: maternity beds and conservation, the annual savings in heating costs of 9000 yuan.

Heating ground warm specific installation steps

1, clean up the base of pig houses, leveling, laying a warm layer, reflective film;

2, the installation of water separator;

3, the laying of the ground heating pipe and a special card nail will be fixed on the insulation board;

4, with concrete to bury the pipe bag buried;

5. Integrate the parallel branch tubes into the water separator and connect with the hot water source;

6, suppress the test, pour the bean stone concrete cushion, again test pressure inspection, the ground surface pavement.

Note that hot water heating is prone to leakage failure, pig farmers must choose a good water pipe before the construction of the material, installation of the interface at the tightly stitched, after installation to do a good job of testing.