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Some understanding and application of time control and temperature control of breeding fans

What I shared with you today is some understanding and practical application of the timing and temperature control of the breeding fan. I hope to help everyone.

Understanding of the control of the culture fan :

1. When the flock needs to provide additional heat source, use time control

2. Time control is responsible for the air quality of the house.

3. Time control is controlled by people {experience is very important}

4. The time control operation is as small as 20%, the purpose is to mix the cold air outside the house and the hot air in the house.

Understanding of temperature control of aquaculture fans:

1. After the chicken house is shut down, use temperature control without additional heating.

2. Temperature control is to discharge the excess heat of the house, which is responsible for the temperature.

3. Temperature control is controlled by the flock and the outside world. (The flocks are in good condition, the body has a lot of heat dissipation, the external temperature is high, the breeding fan blower is open for a long time, the chicken group is too small, and the same outside weather, the temperature control fan is open for a short time.)

The temperature at which the boiler is started or the temperature at which the heating device is started must be lower than the set target temperature, and the heating can be stopped when the target temperature is reached. For example, if the target temperature of the house is 26 degrees Celsius, we can set the heating temperature to 25.6 and stop at 26 degrees Celsius. During the period, the controlled fan will operate in order to maintain air quality.

If you need to set the temperature control, try to be on the same fan. Before the temperature control fan is running, the boiler has stopped heating. Because the temperature inside the house caused by boiler heating rises, it cannot rise to the temperature at which the temperature control fan is turned on. After the temperature control fan stops running, the temperature inside the house cannot fall below the target temperature, causing the boiler to restart.