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What do you need to know about the design of the water curtain cabinet?

The water curtain cabinet is a kind of painting equipment. In today's society, due to people's awareness of environmental protection, the demand for water curtain cabinets is greatly improved.

Then we need to customize a water curtain cabinet, how to customize it? What should I pay attention to? How much do you know about the design of the water curtain cabinet? The following Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. will answer this question for you.

In order to make it easier for everyone to understand the design of the water curtain cabinet, we will describe it in the form of a question and answer.

Question 1: The height of the factory is only 2.8 meters. Can the water curtain cabinet be installed?

Answer 1: For the production sites used by many customers in industrial buildings, if the conventional water curtain cabinet is purchased, the height of the exhaust duct should be above 3.2 meters. If the height of the plant is 2.8 meters, consider installing a square duct.

Question 2: What voltage is used in the water curtain cabinet?

Answer 2: Conventional water curtain cabinets usually use 380V voltage. If the customer is limited by the venue, there is no 380V voltage. It needs to be explained in advance. We can customize the 220V voltage water curtain cabinet for customers' convenience.

Question 3: Can the water curtain cabinet be used for sanding?

Answer 3: The birth of the water curtain cabinet product is due to the pollution caused by the spray paint, which is generally used in the paint mist recovery. However, after a long time experiment by Huada Weiye, the water curtain cabinet is used for polishing, and the dust collection efficiency is very good. High, if you need to welcome to inquire.

Question 4: The factory has a hanging conveyor line. It is necessary to make a water curtain cabinet for painting. How is the water curtain cabinet designed?

Answer 4: For many paint factories and mass production enterprises, in order to improve production efficiency, automatic hanging conveyor lines will be made for painting. For the design of water curtain cabinets for painting conveyor lines, we have to consider many factors. For example, the height of the hanging wire, the size, the size of the workpiece, and the output of the painted workpiece, so that a good water curtain cabinet can be designed.